Allow me the pleasure to introduce myself to myself

Hello there.

Here in the “Introduce yourself" category we want to invite you to tell us a little bit about you. so we can all celebrate your arrival.

Please introduce yourself.

How did you find us and what prompted you to join?

What are you working on right now that you want to share or that you could use some help with?

Any other cool details you want to provide like, hobbies, favorite color, or whether you prefer pancakes or waffles are also acceptable.

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Hello Everyone!

This is Mike Soldan, COO at Shmoop! I obsess over making edtech tools as effective as possible for both students and educators! I’m excited we now have a place to bring Shmoop educators together!


HI! My name is Taylor Johnson. I love technology and love how it is changing the lives of students across the globe. I help Shmoop prospects and customers realize how powerful our products and services can be across their schools and districts. Oh and… I love Mtn. Dew! Cheers!

Hi everyone, Tara Patterson here! I’m the Content Manager for Learning Sciences at Shmoop and I’m passionate about ensuring all of our content meets necessary learning objectives to help you and your students get the most from our products.

In addition to working for Shmoop, I’m also getting my master’s degree in Smart EdTech, Co-Creativity, and Digital Tools for Educational Innovation through a remote program with Université Côte d’Azur in Nice, France—if only my day-to-day life were as glamorous as that sounds :star_struck:

(Also, waffles for hotel breakfasts, pancakes the rest of the time :waffle:)

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Hi, I’m Andrew Clifford. I’m an Engineer here at Shmoop. I love building tools that help people improve their day to day life. These days, our students need all of the help they can get and Shmoop is all about improving every aspect of their lives.

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My name is Mackenzie and I lead the Customer Success Team, here at Shmoop. I’ve been with Shmoop since 2014 and am thrilled to now have a space to hear directly from educators in this forum! How is your team using Shmoop? What do your students need right now? What fun ideas do you have for implementation? I can’t wait to follow it all!

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Hello Shmoopers!

I am the Director of Early College High School for South San Antonio ISD.

I was introduced to Shmoop by a colleague within the district and the software has allowed me to apply it to a tutoring program for TSIA 2.0.

I host tutoring after school on Tuesday and Thursday.

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Good morning!

This is a very exciting opportunity for all kinds of users of Shmoop! My name is Brian Flores, I’m a STEM Teacher at J.M. Hanks High School in El Paso. I currently use shmoop in my Advisory classes to prepare my students for SAT and ACT.

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Welcome to the Shmoop Community @Fernando_Gonzalez ! So glad to have you here!

Welcome to the Shmoop Community @bflores29 ! So glad to have you here!

Hi Everyone! :wave:

My name’s Chris Glick, and I lead the Experience team here at Shmoop. 99% of what I do is taking helpful feedback or critiques and packaging them up into improvements to the website, so I’m looking forward to hearing all that you have to share! :sparkling_heart:

Thank you for letting us be a part of your students’ education. :pray:


Hello, My name is Ryan Dain and I am a HS Chemistry teacher in West Valley City, UT. I’ve taught an ACT prep course for the last two years and use Shmoop as the computer-based testing practice platform for my students.


Hello all,

Im Lance Key, Support Specialist for Putnam County School System in Tennessee. I support our 22 schools with edtech training, support all of our district programs, and help to run our virtual school.


I am Devin Holmes, Director of College, Career, and Military Readiness at Judson ISD. We use Shmoop for TSIA, ACT, SAT, and PSAT. It is a very flexible option to help our students be successful.