October 2022 - Test Prep Upgrades

:tada: Product updated: Test Prep

Test Prep has gone through many iterations, making it smoother, easier to use, and the ability to get precisely what you need and want FAST. We finished updates to Test Prep that further personalize the learning journey for a student in the number of recommendations based on the skills needed in each Test Prep product. Eg; for an exam with many skills, like the ACT, we show more recommendations, but for a smaller exam, like TSIA2, we show fewer recommendations. This gives more specific direction to Students, letting them focus on areas where they can improve…

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TP4 announcement (Press Release)

:bug: Bug Fixes:

  • PreACT 8/9, 10 - Fixed missing correct answers on the Answers and Explanation page.
  • Test Preps - Updated Shmoint logic to allow students to gain the complete number of Shmoints by completing the activity more than once and answering correctly.
  • Administrator Dashboard - Fixed issue where Heartbeat tab was missing from navigation.

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I’ve used Shmoop for the last two years for computer-based ACT practice and I appreciate the improvements to the user interface for the ACT Exam Prep course. Last year before the update, my students complained about the clunky nature of having to scroll to the bottom of the passage to read the questions and then scrolling back and forth as they were reviewing information. Having the passage presented in a separate window next to the questions, like the actual ACT computer-based test, has been a great improvement this year and make Shmoop incredibly useful for computer-based test prep.


Thanks for letting us know, Ryan! We’re glad the updates are working for you, we’ll keep improving the products from here!