September 2022 - Heartbeat Collections

:tada: Product updated: :heartbeat-1:Heartbeat

Heartbeat Collections are a new way to view Dimensions together and customize Heartbeat to focus on what matters to you and your students. You can select up to 10 Dimensions to include in a Collection. You can use various filters to see those Dimensions across your groups.

:link: Helpful Links:

What are Collections? (Helpdesk)

Shmoop Announces New Capabilities for Districts in its Heartbeat Product (Press Release)

:bug: Bug Fixes:

  • Texas Success Initiative (TSIA2) Test Prep - Aligned the exam experience to match the online exam by removing manual question navigation.
  • PreACT Test Preps - All users with incomplete diagnostics will now be shown the Diagnostics view of Next Steps, instead of the completed-diagnostics view.
  • Heartbeat Collections - The interaction response count now shows the correct number when changing the date filter.
  • ACT, SAT, PSAT, TSAI2 Test Preps - Students now see a clearer, β€œExam is locked by your teacher,” message when the student’s selected class has locked exams.

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