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thanks for the awesome information.


I started using the TSI (TEXAS) in early Nov. My students reponed to the program well.


There are some tips you can give students to help score higher on the essay portion -
410-439 word count is the goal
Emphasize vocabulary - especially SAT vocabulary and key words from the prompt
Vary syntax
Hit the space bar 4x to indent paragraphs - don’t skip lines between paragraphs
Use transition words
Vary your types of examples (movies, games, books, personal experience, etc)


Hi @Delynna_Kelley, these are amazing tips; thank you so much for sharing! I’ll take a look at adding your advice to our Overview section for that test.


Just wanted to leave a note that we started creating new STAAR Test Preps to better match the STAAR Redesign, including many of the New Question Types. They will be released as new Test Preps, not updates to the existing Test Preps.

We don’t have a firm release date yet, but more details will be posted as these updates are completed. Thanks for your patience and I can’t wait to get these out to help all our learners in Texas!

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STAAR Test Preps with updated Tech-Enhanced questions are NOW RELEASED. You will see new “(Tech-Enhanced)” products in your test prep areas within Shmoop. You can select them as well when creating or editing a classroom. We are beyond excited to get these updates into your hands and your students.

We wrote up a briefing and help document on our help center found here:

This doc will review all the question types, screenshots of what they look like, and how Shmoop is aligned.

LET’S GO TEXAS! — Happy Testing!
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